May 23, 2006

Utterly nuts conspiracy

For the conspiracy theorists out there, this has got everything. World wide conspiracy, check. Strange religious overtones, check (and it's the Catholic Church as well, an added bonus if you want some no risk controversy to help hype things up). Way off the mainstream radar, check. Likely to be ridiculed if it gets onto the mainstream radar (proving, of course, that the 'establishment' is scared of the truth coming out), check. Utterly, utterly nuts, check.

What is not to like about a conspiracy where the Catholic Church makes up three centuries of history? Other than it's barking. But who cares about that, incorporate it into a page turning puzzle novel and you should be able to make a fortune.


The computer says no. That is if these centuries where made up then they would not fit with records of astronomical observations. Or it could be that the astronomical observations are forgeries and a part of the conspiracy along with everything else.


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